Tarot Card of the Day Reading

We know that online tarot readings are not as close as one performed in a physical consultation could have, to mitigate this, it is very important that you follow highly recommended advice before doing it. The preparation of your mind and body is important and will always respond to the things that concern you. You do not need to be a regular user of the Tarot to be able to carry out our consultation for free, we put at your disposal this magical tool, developed by recognized professionals. Thinking calmly about what worries you, about your future doubts, is always a good start to the session.

Meditate deeply before anything else

To properly develop this little preliminary meditation, you have to be in total peace and do it with a lot of internal confidence. You will be surprised by our results, just clear your mind and focus on the doubt that worries you. Thinking about an impossible wish will also be of great help, since, if your doubt is related to something you want, it is always positive that you attract it with all your inner power.

Preparing the mind

We are going to start this preliminary preparation, it is very important that you are in a quiet place and away from the daily noises of life. If someone is with you, it is always better that they do not make any kind of noise and do not talk during the card reading. You can light incense before to discharge bad vibrations and purify the environment, but you can also make your reading of cards only using your internal concentration and tranquility.

It is convenient to light a candle of any type to enhance the lighting of your future and put a glass of warm water by your side, to attract negative forces that you have at that moment. From the light of the candle, an illumination will come out that will make your future much more serene from this moment. Don't forget to breathe deeply, calm your heart, and clear your mind of superfluous things. After this repeat the following:

With the strength of the Earthly Mother and my protective angels, I face this reading. I humbly ask this force to guide my path and to help me find a clear path. The light that invades me protects me and will give me the necessary strength for my day to day. Land of the world, I trust you and I know that you will respond.
From my place I invoke you to give me the necessary knowledge. My heart demands you with strength and with the conviction that you answer my prayer and you will give me light on what I ask of you.

Be grateful for the response you will receive and start your free tarot reading now.

“The doubts that assailed me have dissipated since I found this tarot online. I use it frequently, at all hours, morning, afternoon and night, it always clears the doubts that concern me. Thank you very much for making this Free Tarot available to us ” - Pilar E. Seville, Spain .
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